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Step 1: Rules/Guidelines

Please read thoroughly before submitting.

  • I am in my right to refuse to review anything I don’t feel I’ll enjoy or have time to read/play/watch.
  • Genres I review:
    Fantasy, Sci-fi, Steampunk/Cyberpunk/Otherpunk, Young Adult (some), Paranormal, M/M, Romance (some), Erotica (particularly M/M, might do some M/F on a case-to-case basis.), Some M/F, Horror, Historical (mostly Asia-centered: Japan, China, India, etc), Stuff With Vampires. NO cheating (in romance), NO Hard BDSM or Slave stuff (in romance/erotica).
    Non-Fiction: Decluttering and Organizing, Life Improvement, Minimalism, Meditation, Yoga, Productivity and Habits, Writing (craft), Language Learning, Tiny Homes.
    Games: Almost anything, but I have an older computer so be aware that some “heavy” games might end up not working. If your game doesn’t work at all on my computer then I won’t review it. If it works but sluggishly, I’ll place a disclaimer.
    Movies/TV Shows: Comedy, Horror, Action, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Anything on tiny-houses, M/M.
    For anything else, ask. I don’t bite.
  • I’m a busy woman, I don’t do this for a living, so sometimes reviews might take up to 1 month (or more) to be published (after it’s accepted). If you’re in a rush, be sure to let me know in the comments so I can make an educated choice on whether to accept or reject it.
  • I agree to do paid HONEST reviews too (meaning if I don’t like it I’ll say so), which will be marked as sponsored, and will obviously get priority. Use the contact form too for information.
  • I will only review things you have created, not just random recommendations.
  • You are willing to provide a free copy of the item for reviewing purposes (for games, I prefer steam or GOG codes for the ease of installation it provides; for books I can work with any format but mobi is preferred, for movies/TV I’ll accept free streaming sites only). And when you provide the free copy you will NOT add me to your mailing list.
  • You must provide either the basic information about what you want me to review or a link to a place where I can find more information on it (for instance, what your book is about and what genres, what your game is about and what genres, etc). More information in the form > more chances of getting chosen than if I have to click a link.


Read all that? Then:

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