I’m a translator and proofreader by trade (English <> Spanish pair, feel free to contact me below for jobs!), and an avid reader and a writer by hobby (find out how to get reviewed); I enjoy playing videogames and watching movies. This blog is mostly a collection of reviews I’ve written either in exchange for the products or of products I’ve enjoyed or disliked. Be warned, that I review all kinds of things. I read a wide variety of genres, ranging from fiction to non-fiction; you might find reviews on books for self-help, life improvement, languages, fantasy, sci-fi, erotica and romance (M/F and M/M), steampunk, horror, young adult and many other things. I play a wide variety of game genres as well (RPG, Casual, HOG, P&C, Adventure, Action, horror, survival, text, etc… ) and have weird opinions on movies (of which I watch the same kind of variety as with everything else).

If anything on that list offends you, please turn away now. Otherwise, welcome to my review blog, and I hope you’ll have fun. 🙂

Want to hire me as translator/proofreader?

Contact me! Payment types accepted: Paypal (preferred) and bitcoin.



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