Rating Types

I use a 5 stars rating system following Goodreads for books. That means:

1 star and under equals “I didn’t like this”

2 stars means it’s “OK”, but I don’t particularly recommend it.

3 stars means I quite enjoyed the story, but it’s not fantastic.

4 stars mean I really, really liked this book and I’m probably recommending it.

5 stars means I love this book and recommend it to everyone, everywhere.

Games before mid-2016 used to follow a 10 star rating system, and only the overall rating was indicated in graphical stars. Later reviews changed to a 5 star rating system too, in the format of x/5.


Type of Reviews

You may notice I make several type of reviews. Here’s a brief introduction to the types of reviews I write.

Short Reviews: Usually for books. I do not begin them with what the story is about, I find that annoying when I read other reviews – it’s just filler for more length in an otherwise short review, and I assume if you’re reading the review of a particular book, it’s because you’ve already been looking at it a bit and want to know people’s feelings on it. For the story, you have the seller and author sites or the back of the book, r you can just follow the links I provide on my reviews.
I try not to post some of the shortest reviews here in the blog, I have several one-line reviews as well as longer ones. You can see all of them at any time from my goodreads page.

In-depth Reviews: These type of reviews are usually game reviews, because you may go into it for the graphics, story, or the idea of the gameplay, I do place a bit of an introduction on the story, but it’s very brief. Plus, games have more to talk about than books (there’s sound, visuals, technical aspects, etc).
Some of these reviews are sponsored, those will e marked as such with a “key provided by the developer” or some such. In sponsored reviews get a free copy of the game in exchange for reviewing it. My reviews are honest, if I don’t like the game, I will give it a bad rating.


How To Get Reviewed

Look at the “Get Reviewed” page.

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