Fallout: Revelation a Fanmade series set in the Fallout world

Although this likely comes as slightly old news to most hardcore fans of Fallout, I figure there must be many who have still not heard of Fallout: Revelation.

If you count yourself among those, then you’ll probably have no idea that this is a fan-made series (currently available on youtube). Because it is a fan-made show, it is, essentially, unofficial.

Created by MechanicalCakeTV and so far consisting of 2 parts (out of 3) of a pilot episode, the little series is more than promising. Normally I’m not one to watch web series, for most of them I find the overall quality fairly lacking in all senses; but Fallout: Revelations surprised me in many levels.

For an indie group, the quality of the show is pretty amazing. The writing is well thought out and engaging, the plot so far interesting; the acting, so many times sub-par in these type of things, is done wonderfully, the actors making an excellent job at bringing their characters to life.

The settings – locations, costumes, props –seem to have been chosen and prepared with great care to remain as faithful to the Fallout world as possible, making it easy for you to immerse yourself in the story. Of course, the cinematic quality of the shots, done almost professionally, help bring everything together in a beautiful little wrap.

Perhaps the only complain I could have would be from the CG, which is very noticeable in some parts, but even so it is still very well done and most definitely way better than any low-rate movie I’ve ever seen – or than the average fan made projects.

If you’re a fan of Fallout, then keep an eye out for Fallout:Revelation, because it’s a very promising show.

Got any other suggestions for awesomely made videogame fan-made series? Leave a comment below!