La Casa de los Espíritus by Isabel Allende

La casa de los espíritusLa casa de los espíritus by Isabel Allende
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Just not my cup of tea.

I actually won a book of my choice a while back, and out of the few, poor amount of books I had to choose from, I chose this one. I figured I’d read it- it sounded amazing! And Isabel Allende had such good reviews all the time, so why not?

Great mistake. I found her writing to be tedious to my personality. I couldn’t get past the first pages as it failed miserably to catch my interest and was clearly not the type of literature I enjoy, for it was full of socio-political commentary and sounded too pretentious.

I guess I’ll stick to the genres I know I enjoy, because clearly my incursion in others has failed.

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