The Language Game

I’m a huge fan of gamification. Playing a game AND learning a new language? Where can I sign up? Unfortunately, Tap To Win’s “The Language Game” is more of a never ending quiz than a game, and with it, I’m starting to lose hope any kind of “language learning game” will actually help with language learning... Continue Reading →

Influent + Japanese DLC

Data Break Up Game: Influent (Japanese DLC) Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy Developer: Rob Howland Publisher: Three Flip Studios Release Date: Mar 20, 2014 Platform: PC / Played on Windows 7 Overall rating:  8/10 Graphics: 8/10 Controls: 7.5/10 Level/Puzzle Design:N/A Sound: 7/10 Story: 3/10 Replay Value: 9/10 Community: N/A Review Influent is sold as a “Language... Continue Reading →

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