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Often I get asked how I get so many games to review. Part of them are provided either by the developers themselves or by  WalaWala Games for the purpose of reviewing, but many others I’ve actually gotten for free or with a bit of work on my part, but still without spending a cent (and yes, some I’ve just outright bought). Here I’ll show you the best ways for you to to win games too!


Loyalty Points/Reward Points Community and Shops

Loyalty points or reward points are communities or shop sites where you are paid in the form of points for actions you do on the site. For instance, being active on the forums, replying to blog posts, uploading screenshots, reviewing games, and so on.  They have in-site shops where you can use those points to purchase games and/or perks.

Survey and Offer Sites

Survey and offer sites are sites that reward you in points (which you can later trade in for games) for filling out surveys. Some have additional features, such as getting points for trading in items or cards, playing games, or having giveaways.

Giveaway Sites

Giveaway sites often have some requirement to enter them: you have to already have a certain amount in $ of steam games in your account, or have to be invited or referred by someone. Where needed, I will provide with a code for referral. Should it be used up, feel free to hit me up in a comment or on twitter for another code.

Favorite Steam Groups (they do giveaways)

Other Ways to Earn

Bitcoin Faucets

By entering a captcha every x time (usually 1 hour), you can easily make some cents to use in bundle sites. 🙂 It’s a slow process, but if you can’t get money any other way and have some time, give it a try!!

You will need a bitcoin wallet. If you don’t have one, get one at Coinbase.

Use bitcoin at:


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