Fiction Unboxed by Johnny B. Truant

Fiction Unboxed
Fiction Unboxed by Johnny B. Truant

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I want to say 3.5, almost 4, but I think I’ll settle on the 3 stars rating because… I was torn with this book.

The first 30% of the book, as well as the last 10%, was unimpressive. It was all about how they came about and dealt with the kickstarter (and the last 10% was about the summits they held afterwards for the backers), all of which I had no interest whatsoever and felt was not really related to unboxing fiction at all, but simply recounting how they’d worked things out. And that’s fine, but I kind of expected the book to be all about writing, not about how to run kickstarter campaigns for complex writerly-related things.

Now, the rest of the book was about the writing, but I kept going back and forth between feeling annoyed by the way it was all just told and not actually shown, and liking it.
On the one hand, I did enjoy the way they told the story, On the other, that still didn’t solve most of the part they mention themselves of making the book of real value or use to the writers by showing how they worked without having to see the videos.

So, there was some value in the content, yes, but it felt like if you weren’t following along with the videos, you missed out on MOST of what they were trying to show and get across.
Also I feel like I missed out too by not reading The Dream Engine first, because the way we’re told things sort of assumes we’ve already read, seen, or know most of it. Not all sections do, but most, particularly at the start.
Another thing was that the whole thing (of course) counts on them working as a group like they always do and being able to brainstorm among each other, so I’m not sure for a single author, with no group and no buddies willing to brainstorm with them, this would be of much use.

So while Fiction Unboxed (the book alone, with no videos or anything) had some interesting lessons to teach, it wasn’t really as useful as I expected it to be. I think this would be easily solved catching up with the videos and reading The Dream Engine, but ultimately I ended up feeling just a bit disappointed with the book.

All the same, it relates an interesting experience, and it’s at the very least worth it for that.

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