Welcome to PS2 Review Week! Each day of this week I’ll be reviewing an old PS2 game I love and still play, focusing on the slightly lesser known or lesser played games and franchises (so no, even though I loved Final Fantasy, you won’t find reviews of it here).

For day 6 I bring you along ICO. You’ll aww, and you’ll cry.

“Developed by Team Ico, makers of Shadows of the Colossus and The Last Guardian (both also Amazing games!), Ico follows the story of, well, Ico. He’s a young boy from a village that had the misfortune of being born with horns”

The village has a whole story about the horned children being a bad omen, so whenever one is born, they take them and lock them away in an apparently abandoned fortress. In this fortress Ico finds Yorda, an apparently mute girl whom he’ll become fast friends with, and find as well many a lurking danger…

“I won’t tell you more about the story, as I don’t want to spoil it and truly, the story is everything in this game, even when everything else also makes it a wonderful play through”

Ico is a puzzle/platformer game, and as such, you will be scratching your head several times trying to figure out the puzzles, some of which will require Yorda to help you – and Ico to help her in turn, with the final goal of escaping the fortress.

“The controls are simple, helping you feel more immersed in the game by not constantly having game elements in your face”

The graphics and the general artistic air of it all is simply beautiful, breath taking even, the details on the fortress and on the characters bringing them easily to life, along with their very distinct personalities helping plenty to do this as well. The soft music and sounds seem perfect to the game as well.

“The puzzles are intuitive but still challenging, and by making you require the use of both characters to get through, they make you grow even more attached to them… not that you need more help”

The game is most immersive and the uniqueness of Ico and Yorda, as well as their growing friendship (have I mentioned they hold hands? They are both super adorable!), totally pulls at all your heart strings over and over again.

Honestly, there is nothing to hate at all on this game. It’s beautiful, it’s artistic, it has a great story, and great gameplay. It’s definitely a must play, and, once you’re done, I definitely recommend you go and read the book it was based on, as well.

Definitely worth your time, 10 stars out of 5. (What do you mean that’s not a proper rating?)

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