The Regulators by Richard Bachman (Stephen King)

PosesiónPosesión by Richard Bachman

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I would have liked to give this book 2 1/2 stars, but I’ll settle with the 3 rating.
It wasn’t a -bad- book, but I really can’t say I loved it.

I both loved and hated the fact that everything seemed to be described with excruciating detail- it made for a very interesting (if long) introduction to everything, but by the very end of the book, it became most annoying. “I get it, already, can we move along with the story?” kinda feeling.

As for the story itself, I think I will have to read the companion book, because I found far more interesting the idea of finding out about Tak (I really found the most interesting part of the book to be the bit of the story on how he came to be where he was in this book) than to know what the hell happened to the town and the survivors, or why.

Still, it made me want to keep reading despite the lack of interest in some points, if only to see how it all ended up and if more things were told about what was going on.

Not a bad read overall, but not the best I’ve read of King.

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