Racer 8


Break Up
Game: Racer 8
Genre: Casual, Racing
Developer: 30.06 Studios Ltd
Publisher: KISS ltd
Release Date: Jun 6, 2014
Platform: PC / Played on Windows 7
Overall rating:  2/10
Graphics: 7/10
Controls: 8/10
Level/Puzzle Design:2/10
Sound: 2/10
Story: N/A
Replay Value: 0/10
Community: N/A



Racer 8 is a mobile-port puzzle game. The basic premise is this “puzzle” – a racing track – where the car moves around and you turn tiles to make a path to the finish line: not overly exciting, but a good time waster to have on your phone and are somewhere, waiting, and terribly bored.
But that’s about all this game is, and it should have stayed as a phone game.

The game’s graphics are decent, kinda cuteish, but definitely… generic. There’s nothing special about them, and it looks exactly like every other mobile game with cars.

The splash screen forces you through the tutorial even when you’ve already played the game and clearly don’t need it (there is a skip button, but in mine it wouldn’t work at all). So you go through the tutorial, start playing, and then get 100 pop ups telling you the exact same thing the tutorial screen just did. Ugh! Interrupt my gameplay why don’t you?

After the first round alone it gets boring and repetitive, which you could have kind of guessed it was, though I had somehow hoped it might be a bit more exciting and that the levels would provide a bit of a challenge further on. Not quite so.

There are no graphic options, no sound options, not even volume options. In fact, there are NO options whatsoever. Even if it were to be a basic hi/low, on/off setting, you HAVE to have options in your game!
To top it off, the music was pretty awful (and it was super loud), so I had to mute my entire computer to play. Way to go.

Definitely steer clear from this one, unless it’s free again.