Create a Plot Clinic by Holly Lisle

Holly Lisle's Create A Plot ClinicHolly Lisle’s Create A Plot Clinic by Holly Lisle
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I started on this book not expecting a lot. I knew it had very good reviews, but so had other how-to writing and plotting books I’d read, and those weren’t that impressive. Holly Lisle’s Create A Plot Clinic surprised me though.

The book shows you not just one, but several ways in which you can plot, fix your plot, edit or revise your plot, and rearrange your plot; before, during or after writing; and it has advise for people who like plotting as well as for those that don’t and just wing their way through a story (even if ultimately the advise is, plot a little). She also offers advise on what to do when you’re stuck, too.

Still, even if you don’t take all her advise into account, or even if you dislike some of the methods she offers, they can be pretty easily adapted and modified to work in a way that works for you.

The book is written in a very pleasant way, neither treating you like you’re dumb nor like you have to be an academic to understand. It also offers examples for pretty much everything she says, which is extremely helpful.
So you get advise, examples, and exercises to try out yourself. Definitely a recommended read.

What did annoy me a little though was the constant plug to software/sites (particularly Scrivener). Yes, I know it’s amazing, but it should have only been mentioned once and off at the start or end, and then just referred to as whatever preferred method you had to do things. as it was, some parts just sounded like ads for Scrivener.

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