First Impressions: Immune [Pre-Release]

Note: This game has since been improved on, and some of the issues I mentioned have been fixed. I will do another review soon to see what has been changed. 


Break Up
Game: Immune
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Survival
Developer: vidiludi games and entertainment
Publisher: vidiludi games and entertainment
Release Date: Mar 25, 2015
Platform: PC / Played on Windows 7
Overall rating:  8/10
Graphics: 9/10 (for the style)
Controls: 6.5/10 (placing some stuff can be slightly awkward)
Level/Puzzle Design:8.5/10
Sound: N/A
Story: N/A
Playability/Gameplay: 8/10
Community: N/A (rather empty)



Immune is an early access survival game. There’s you, there’s zombies, there’s friendly and unfriendly NPCs and, sometimes, there’s other players.

Right now there’s 4 servers (North America, South America, Hong Kong, Europe) and I have yet to see any with people on it. Fine by me, I know no one will steal my stuff from storage. ;)

The game itself has a simple premise so far: you’re trying to survive post zombie apocalypse. You look around for food and resources, you kill/escape zombies, you hopefully team up with people to survive. There’s a few things you can craft, you can plant a couple things, you can go through boxes and stuff, and you can punch trees (and other stuff) for resources.
There’s not much of a story, not that I’ve seen yet anyway, but it’s a nice game so far. Simple, obviously has a long way to go still, but promising all the same. It was a bit hard for me at first to get on my feet, but once I got a friend to play with it was a lot easier and faster to get resources and share them.

The game played well in my computer, which can be a bit of a toaster.

– Not a lot of variety on stuff (only a few types of food, only a few types of stuff to craft, amount of items needed to craft stuff seems a bit odd at times)
– Servers can get a bit kick happy sometimes
– Servers are new so they’re mostly empty
– Cars are difficult to drive
– Seems a bit difficult to hunt stuff when you’re soloing
– Characters lack variety (no choosing gender, they all look the same)
– You can not move stuff once you place them down, some stuff have short durability

These are all stuff that could be easily fixed as the game progresses, though, so I wouldn’t just discard the game for it.

– Cuteish graphics
– Actually nice to co-op with friends
– You can use the cars found around!
– You can loot your own backpack if you get back to where you died (thus recovering your stuff) :)
– You can make current buildings into your own safehouse
– The developer replies quickly to issues, and he’s very nice and friendly

My sis and I were taking over a house, placed a door wrong (it opened right in the middle of the doorway so we couldn’t go through it), and I was locked inside. lol I asked the developer and he came online at once to help (granted, the help was shooting at it for a few minutes until the door was destroyed, but he did get me out haha).

Immune still needs a lot of work, but for early access it’s not a bad game.