Wraeththu by Storm Constantine

Wraeththu (Waeththu #1-3)Wraeththu by Storm Constantine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What can I say about this book? Ah! It took me long, very long to get through it, because the first book had not ended too well -or should I said, had a confusing ending (was it happy or sad…?), and I’m a sucker for happy endings.

I think I’ll start by pointing out I truly did like this book. Had a hard time deciding between four and five stars- I wanted four and a half, really.

The story on itself was great, fantastic in writing, the setting- not really something completely new and out of the ordinary, but interesting to read; the characters were all very interesting and deeply thought, though I could only get myself to truly care for two, and they were not even the main characters.
I was very interested at the subject of hermaphrodites, though I must say, I got a little tired of being told each har they met was super pretty and perfect- yes, we get it, all har are beautiful and perfect!

I didn’t really fancy the whole pregnancy thing, perhaps because I still saw them as very male-like, and as such, it all reeked of “mpreg”.

Two things threw me off the book, but I guess in the overall, they weren’t so annoying that it made me dislike it entirely. (I mean, I did read it through and liked it plenty, after all)
The first was that the Wraeththu were a “very sexual race” which means, put plainly, “I love YOU, but I’ll have sex with just about everyone I come across.”
Sorry, but I like my romance romantic and faithful.

The second was the reiteration of the ambiguous endings.
Were they happy? Were they sad? I can’t decide!! It’s driving me insane! The second book was the one that ended the best, and the third book, gosh, guess it should have been a happy ending, yet it was sad in a way. Ah, bittersweet, like life itself, I guess? I find myself torn to think on whether I enjoyed the ending… In a way, I think I didn’t, I feel it should’ve developed a bit differently- I feel Calanthe should have said, “to hell! Pell, I love you, but it can’t be.” and started a whole new life.

Ah well, I enjoyed the book, overall; though I had some visualization problems.

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