Parasite by Mira grant

Parasite (Parasitology, #1)Parasite by Mira Grant
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book started as a 4 stars, turned to a 3 towards the middle, and that ending… that ending… turned it into a 2.
Be warned, there’s lots of spoilers and semi-spoilers ahead.

First of all, I like Mira Grant’s writing style. It’s simple, yet filled with pertinent information without entirely boring you to tears (except maybe during a bit of Exposition Middle). I liked most of the characters too, that is to say, I liked Sal and I liked Nathan and since they are the main ones, that’s good.
The book was quite predictable. (view spoiler)

Then, they “killed” Sherman. That sucked majorly, because I really, really liked that character. I was kind of hoping, since he’d been made such a fuss about in the middle, that maybe they’d bring him back as salvageable either towards the end or in the next book, or maaaaaaaybe we he could get a story of his own, because to me he was pretty cool.
Lets put that thought on hold.

Then, Dr Cale/Kim (Nathan’s mother) appeared. Nathan is understandably miffed that the mother who disappeared on him years ago didn’t even bother to call and say she was alright… and now had two tapeworm children.
Wait, what?
I’m not sure how realistic his reaction was, but it didn’t feel very. Yes, the situation was dire and there was more of a need for talk and action than being pissed, but he’s only briefly mentioned as upset about this and then seems to get along fine. And he only “grinned” and said he already knew she was alive and well. Well! Thanks for sharing.
Did she have good reasons to act like she did? I suppose, yes. But I think the average person, even knowing she was alive, would be pissed at her.
I didn’t like her much.

Then there were the tape worm “children”.
Adam was ok – in the sense that I sort of expected the experiment and he didn’t overly get in the way.
Tansy I fucking hated with a passion. She was annoying and in the way.

So it all knocked down one star.

And then. THEN. They went ahead and messed up the ending.

Sal’s father, which was a meh but decent character until the end, tries to coax Sal into telling him all she knows…………… when she was already ready to share some of it, and if he’d just waited five fucking minutes, he would have veeeery likely been able to draw the same conclusions himself.
If he used his fucking brain, that is.
Which he clearly doesn’t, because his greatest idea to get his daughter to cooperate (after he completely broke her trust by having her “grounded” on house arrest for days without anyone speaking to her and giving a chance to actually share what she knew – bugs or no bugs), is to fake being sick with the sleeping sickness (or: pretending to be a zombie).
Sure, that got her to say one more thing, which he claims she wouldn’t have otherwishe but, again, he would’ve found out by himself if he’d only let her do what she’d gone there with him to do.
I so hated him for that. And then he had the balls t pretend to be contrite (same with the mother, treating her like trash when all she’d tried to do was help).
If I’d been Sal, fuck ‘understanding, forgiving, but being angry’; would’ve done what they wanted, said “there’s your fucking solution you piece of shit”, and walked away.
She did do the walking away, so I give her that.
I totally hated the parents after this.
The sister I’m still alright with, didn’t seem like she had much of a choice.

Where we supposed to start hating every character in this book? Because it’s certainly heading that way.

Suddenly, Sherman isn’t dead (that’s cool!). However, it turns out he’s a tapeworm, apparently from tansy’s annoying generation, who’s also kinda crazy like her.
… Umh…
I could have lived with that, except… he’s kinda bipolarish, and he’s some kind of crazy fanatical tapeworm, and now he’s the new bad guy!
WHY! Why you do this to me? He was like my favorite character (besides the dog, now that I think about it, the dog was probably my favorite character) and now he’s an idiot. And I’m not even pissed that he’s the new villain, I’m pissed about how he began acting once he was “discovered”. Ughhh. (hide spoiler)]

I don’t think I’ll be continuing the series, such a shame. But I’m just not interested to know how it continues. (view spoiler)

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