Magic’s Price by Mercedes Lackey

Magic's Price (Valdemar: Last Herald-Mage #3)Magic’s Price by Mercedes Lackey
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Once again, it wasn’t an entirely bad book, but I can’t say it was awesome, either.

Warning, spoilers ahead.

There’s much ado about nothing, blah blah blah border troubles, blah blah blah, King is dying, blah blah blah, in the end, none of that matters because we jump forward to Vanyel and Vanyel and more Vanyel and then the book ends.

Wait, what?
Yep! It’s over!

Ok, I get it, it’s all about the gayness and how Vanyel is so cool and strong and suffering little soul.

But what happened here?
It was like a huge time skip- the guy dies and everything else that was happening (and that seemed vaguely important, or so you’d think as they kept going ON and ON about it) becomes unimportant.

What about the border?
What did the King really have? (They insisted so much upon it, that I thought they’d be like, “oh look! It was the bad guy’s doing! Now he’s saved/it’s a shame we found out too late!” But no, not even that.)
Where did the bad guy come from’ Why? What? How? When? Where? (ok, so some of those last questions were ‘mentioned’ briefly while we were all distracted by VanyelVanyelVanyel.

Regarding the “New lover who is really the soul of the old lover”, I could have done without, however I didn’t dislike the issue.

Nevertheless, the book was ok.
I did, however, dislike the ending. It just didn’t fit in my opinion. As much as I do like that kind of ending, and I really do tend to like them, I felt it would have been much better for him to either just die for real or become a Tylendras (did I spell that right?); or even to have survived for further whining and drama.

All in all, it was an unsatisfactory ending to the story, with unnecessary stuff thrown in for angst drama’s sake, which wouldn’t have been a problem if other (apparently less pressing) questions would have been answered as well.

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