Horror, Dark & Lite 1 by Anel Viz

Horror, Dark & Lite Volume OneHorror, Dark & Lite Volume One by Anel Viz
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

That was… interesting.

“Val” was really weird. I’m not sure I really understood it, but it was interesting.

“Slasher” was pretty cool, not very out there, It did have me doubting for a bit on who was the bad guy, the ending seemed a bit disappointing though, maybe because it was just so fast and easy.

“The Matador” I didn’t really like that much. It wasn’t bad (the general idea of it), but the whole coming and going of the relationships made me uneasy about it, and plus I kept reading it in my mind with a Spanish accent and that annoyed it (yes, I annoyed myself lol I just couldn’t get the accent out of my mind).

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